We offer to order clothes so that the company's employees looks as if a single team. We offer both standard products and a special collection in which products are tailored in cooperation with the customer. Both the visual design and the choice of materials with accessories are made together with the customer, depending on the place of use of the clothes and the load. It is possible to put a company logo or other symbols on T-shirts and uniforms. High-quality and pleasing to the eye clothes.

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  • The Importance of Uniforms

    Uniforms are an integral part of our daily life. Our uniforms for specific sectors provide the necessary identification of different professions for the daily needs of employees and the image of the company. Our versatile collection offers durable and well-fitting T-shirts, pants, work jackets, jackets and overalls, representative suits for the service sector. Especially resistant protective clothing is also offered. In addition, you can contact us with various development projects - welcome for new ideas and thoughts. We will try to find the best possible solutions for your wishes. While preparing your online tax return you may be eligible to claim a deduction before you lodge your tax return online.

  • School Uniforms

    From history it is known that at the beginning of the 20th century, school uniforms became mandatory. After World War II, these requirements were canceled due to the financial situation. It was allowed to wear clothes that were at home. Nevertheless, the rules and regulations that were changed at the turn of the century. Today, clothes in the school have become freer and the school uniform is present in a small number of schools, mainly in elite and private schools. Every year new basic schools and gymnasiums are added, in which the school uniform is introduced. Our company is a good partner, reviving the school uniform for the successful collaboration of teachers, students and their parents!

  • Representative Clothing

    Comfortable and beautiful clothing gives confidence, adds creativity to the team and maintains a neat appearance, contributing to productivity. High-quality fabrics and comfortably seated clothes, tailored from large parts, make the person present shine and give his creativity further development. We are ready to provide any team with the desired form of desired colors and styles, and we will do everything we can to make our contribution to the realization of your creative ideas.